I think it is safe to assume that everyone loves to have an orgasm, but did you know that according to several scientific studies over the years, about 75% of woman don’t always have an orgasm when they have sex? It can depend on the day, the partner, the woman’s mood, or even the environment that she is having sex in. 

The specific reason why a female has an orgasm has puzzled scientists, sex experts and the average woman for centuries. Unlike the male orgasm that has the sole purpose of ejaculating sperm to impregnate women, there doesn’t seem to be straightforward reason as to why women have orgasms. However, most sex experts think it is to help sperm move through the vagina and into the uterus to fertilize an egg. Others think it is to simply provide pleasure to ensure women want to fuck to continue the existence of the human race. Maybe the fact that there is no true reason why a woman has an orgasm plays into the reason why many women don’t have an orgasm during sex. Some experts speculate that the female orgasm is simply a byproduct of the time in the womb when male and female fetuses were identical.

What Happens To The Body During A Female Orgasm?

As a chick starts to get hot and horny, blood rushes straight to her pussy and clit. The walls of the vagina start secreting lubricant, which is why horny girl’s pussy is often referred to as being “wet.” The more a woman is turned on, the more the blood flow increases. Not only does the clit and pussy continue to receive more blood, but so doesn’t a woman’s tits and lips. Nipples get hard, heart rate increases, and breathing speeds up. Also, many people don’t realize that the base of the vagina will contract to wrap nicely around a man’s dick, while the upper part of the uterus expands, giving that big, hard cock someplace to go.

As the fucking continues, muscles and nerves tense up in the thighs, pelvis, pussy, and ass. Just when a woman can’t stand the intense pleasure and muscles are contracting, all of a sudden the woman’s body releases all the muscle tension at once, providing a series of intense waves of pure pleasure, also known as the female orgasm.

At the precise time a woman comes, her ass hole, pussy and uterus all contract at once, at 0.8-second intervals. The amount of contractions in that time period can differ. For example, a hugely awesome orgasm will consist of 10 to 15 contractions, but a little orgasm is only three to five. Other muscles can tense up too, which is why a woman may curl her toes or make funny faces during a great fuck.

For a girl, it’s all about the physiological state she’s in. If she’s not in the mood, she won’t be able to have an O. She needs complete concentration, or she could even loose the orgasm. Men, take a look at your girl the next time you’re fucking, most likely, her eyes will be closed as she withdraws within herself to experience pleasure. Men, on the other hand, are visual and will keep their eyes open. This is also why guys like to watch porn, especially while beating off or fucking.

What Are The Different Types Of Female Orgasm?

The Vaginal Orgasm – Women least often have this type of orgasm because it only occurs with pussy stimulation. Many women do not come from pussy stimulation alone.

The Clitoral Orgasm – This is the only way many women can reach orgasm. It is done by solely rubbing and playing with the clit, without pussy penetration.

The G-Spot Orgasm – Many women do not experience this elusive orgasm, but those that can find and stimulate their g-spot report this as a whole-body orgasm that is better than anything else they’ve ever experienced.

The Anal Orgasm – This orgasm is felt when the woman’s ass is stimulated, either by fingering, fucking, or by any other means. Many women do not have an O just by having their ass fucked. They need to have their clit rubbed too.

Facts About The Female Orgasm 

  • The areas of the brain associated with fear and emotion are turned off during orgasm, according to a small study in the Netherlands.
  • Just like men, women can feel pressure, heaviness, and even aching in their pelvis if they don’t come during sex. However, like a male’s “blue balls”, it’s harmless.
  • The brain releases extra oxytocin into a woman’s system after she comes, which is why she wants to cuddle. It gives women the uncontrollable need to be affectionate, protective, and wanting to bond. It also strengthens uterine contractions during the female orgasm, providing further evidence that female orgasms are in existence to help propel sperm into the uterus.
  • Women can ejaculate, which is a liquid made up of urethral ejaculate that comes from the Paraurethral / Kenes glands, and urea and creatinine, which is found in urine. When a girl spews, it does come out of her pee hole, but it’s not pee. (Unless you are watching a porn, in which case it’s most likely pee to fake a squirting female orgasm.