Men and women are different in so many ways, including the way they feel and have orgasms. When you enjoy sex and are interested in sex, it makes sense to learn as much as you can about the male orgasm so that you have the knowledge to give and receive great sex.

The main function of a male orgasm is to ejaculate sperm, but it also feels fabulous. Alfred Kinsey described an orgasm in the 1950s by saying it is “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension.” Not a bad description for something that is so fantastic and yet so hard to describe by many men.

What Happens to the Body During A Male Orgasm?

We all know the dick gets hard when a guy is horny. Blood rushes to the cock and it becomes swollen and sensitive. This allows the dick to penetrate deep into a girl’s vagina so that when his seed is released, there is a higher success rate for impregnation. Remember, sex is really all about reproducing, but since it feels so awesome humans do it more for pleasure than to have a child.

So, the guy has a hard cock and he’s fucking a girl. As he gets closer to orgasm, his pelvic thrusts are less voluntary. It is as if primal instincts take over. The prostate muscles and dick muscles contract rhythmically to push seminal fluid through the urethra and out the dick. At the start of the male orgasm, blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate all increase. Yes, that’s the heavy breathing and moaning that comes right before and during an orgasm.

What Does A Male Orgasm Feel Like?

Most guys find it hard to describe what an orgasm feels like. Instead, most people provide analogies. For example, some guys say it’s like a volcano, building up pressure and pleasure, until they can’t stand it anymore and they erupt.

A male orgasm has physical and psychological effects. Some guys say they feel an orgasm in their dick and balls. Some guys feel it in their dick, balls, and some other parts of their bodies, like their thighs and stomach. And then there the guys that say they feel their orgasms throughout their entire body. It is hard to tell how much of the pleasure felt from an orgasm is psychological and how much is physical.

A sitting male is masturbating by sliding his ...

A sitting male is masturbating by sliding his foreskin on and off his glans penis by hand (uncircumcised penis). In the lowermost image the male is having an orgasm and is ejaculating. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facts About The Male Orgasm

  • A guy can have an orgasm without ejaculating.
  • Men sometimes do not ejaculate until several seconds after an orgasm.
  • Guys can have several ejaculations and continue sex acts and have more orgasms without ejaculation.
  • Guys can get an orgasm from stimulating the dick, massaging the prostate gland, and anal stimulation.
  • In Kinsey’s report, 15-20% of men reported having multiple orgasms (While only 14% of women reported having multiple orgasms.)
  • Premature ejaculation is when a guy comes “too quickly” or before both sexual partners desire. This is often disappointing, but common and should not be shamefull.


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