Photo courtesy of SciFi Dream Girls! Want more? Just click on the picture!

Photo courtesy of SciFi Dream Girls! Want more? Just click on the picture!

1. Who are you?

Autumn Seave. 40 something erotica/sex writer living my quirky life in a small town in the middle of Canada.  Drinking a lot of coffee.  Doing some waitressing to pay the bills. And always dreaming.  Dream big or go home.

2. What is your purpose in this world?

Purpose? Why does everything have to have a purpose.  My purpose is to be.  To live. To laugh. To love.  Does there have to be anything bigger than that? Ok, some of the things I DO have a purpose.  I write erotic stories to entertain, to stimulate, to excite.  But my purpose in the world? Nah, I can’t be bothered with that.  I just live my life and be me.

3. What do you need to be sexually happy?

Me.  I’m the only one that can be responsible for my sexual happiness.  Yes, my husband contributes to that but I don’t expect him to be responsible for it. I think women need to rely on themselves for sexual happiness, whether that is with a partner or by themselves.  Sexual happiness doesn’t mean loads of orgasms.  It can but it doesn’t  have to.  Sexual happiness comes from a place from within.

4. Have you found true love?

Yup.  Married it, too. 🙂

5. How do you nourish yourself?

Like with food?  Or emotionally? That’s a kind of open ended question isn’t it?

Food: I eat some of what I like and some of what is good for me.  I don’t worry too much about food.  I just try to keep a balance.

Emotionally: I try not to do things I don’t like. I do work I like (most of the time). I write what I like.  I spend time with people I like.  If I really don’t want to do something and it doesn’t make me feel good, generally, I don’t do it.  Life is too short to do stuff you don’t like.

6. Do you crave more or less sex now versus 2 years ago?


7. Are you having sex more or less now versus 2 years ago?


(and let me just add that this is perfectly fine. Sex is more than the act you know)

8. Who is sexier–the 20-year-old you or you right now?

Now.  At 20 I was thinner, had less wrinkles.  But I was not confident.  I was shy and completely out of touch with what I felt.  Now, I know what I like and I’m confident with who I am.  That’s hot.


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