by Jim Danner



“What is that?”

She laughed self-consciously. “It’s a chastity belt, silly.”

“Well I’ll be damned.” He leaned back on his knees, looking at it, the stiff black leather and iron buckles. He could see the dark coloring of her shaved cunt, the slopes of her swollen labia. Her legs lay wide open and she watched him, wearing an arousing smile. “You actually wear it around?”

“Of course! To keep disreputable ruffians like you from taking advantage of my sweet…” She stroked the insides of her own thighs. “…unspoiled…” She pushed her forefinger under the belt, into her pussy, then raised it to her lips. She looked at it, licked it. “…pussy.” She held the fingernail between her teeth, regarding him with a grin. “Wow, it’s really getting you worked up, isn’t it?”

He nodded. “Uh huh.”

“Let me see.”

He pushed his underwear off and his cock sprang out, engorged.

“Mmm. It looks so soft and velvety.” She leaned up to look at it, curled her hand around it, felt it throbbing. She touched her thumb to the tip and pushed. She was watching him.

“How do I open it?” He asked. “Where’s the key?”

“Oh, I’ll never tell.”

“Not even under torture?”

She feigned a gasp. “You’d torture me?”

“Absolutely. Remember what Dick Cheney said about the terrorist and the ticking time bomb?”

She nodded. She was still leaning up, looking at him, rubbing his cock, watching his belly move, while he thrust slightly, unconsciously into her hand.

“Well the situation we have here is even…way more serious.”

“You’d waterboard me?” She stopped stroking.

“Worse. I’d lay my cock on your lips…”

“Like this?” She touched her lips to the tip of his cock, kissed it softly, then looked up into his eyes.

He nodded, touched her hair. She lay back again, her legs open, pulling him down by his dick. She rubbed it around on the belt, the cold buckles, and the warm flesh on the insides of her thighs.

“Oh I can feel you getting wet around it,” he muttered, and suddenly it was too late for torture. He thrust into her hand and she squeezed and stroked and he exploded on her belly, tiny pale droplets landing on the black leather belt. She milked him, rubbed the tip of his cock around in his cum, then released it, raised her wet fingers to her lips and tasted him.

He breathed hard, and collapsed onto the bed beside her.

“And see, it actually works; my pussy is still sweet and unspoiled.”

“Oh god.” He laughed and lay exhausted…

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