Hi, I love this site, I think it is making me wet just thinking about telling you my dirty little secret… so I’m definitely going to tell you.

I don’t know how it started, but I do know how much I enjoy it. My dirty hobby basically involves me not wearing any panties when I wear skirts, but replacing them with pieces of string or rope. I’m always thinking of new ways to do this and new materials to use.

I firstly tie the rope around my stomach really tightly (the tighter the better, this is part of the thrill). Then I loop the rope down between my butt cheeks and back up again through my pussy lips and loop it around itself. Then I tie it off, sometimes tightly, sometimes not so tight (I’m always experimenting).

I have found I can go about my daily business, whether in the house or outdoors, without anyone being able to tell I have my “special” panties on. I just love having a conversation with someone about the weather and looking nice and smart on the outside, say perhaps a business suit, or a floppy dress in the summer, but underneath I have tightly tied my pussy and stomach and they have no idea.

Nude photos of two models working with JD of t...

Nude photos of two models working with JD of the Two Knotty Boys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I walk around I can feel the rope rubbing against my clit, and sometimes this can be a little uncomfortable. But this just adds to the thrill, I imagine that I have been forced to wear these restraints and I have to carry on regardless. This make me really wet.

Sometimes when I go to crowded places wearing these panties and get close to people, I actually cum where I am standing. It takes me all my effort to not sigh or give the game away, I just stand there in the middle of a room with waves of pleasure passing over me, and hoping that noone else notices.

Materials I have used to make these special panties include smooth rope, itchy/bitty rope, string of varying descriptions, shoe laces, thick chain (from the trunk of my car), thin chains (such as that on jewellery) and once I even picked some long flower stalks and used those.

I can’t see that I’ll ever stop doing this, and I hope that your readers will like my idea and try it too.


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