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Freedom Is Right Around the Corner

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe I did it. I went an entire year without sex.  That’s right.  And that includes no masturbation, too.  No sex with men or women.  If I’d known how hard it was really going to be, I don’t know if I would have even auditioned for this reality show, let alone agreed to be on it.  I had no clue it was going to be this difficult to completely cut myself off from sex for a full year and have it all documented on a reality show. But I did it and I’m almost free now!

When I signed the papers I really thought it would only be the first month or so that would be rough.  After that, I thought I would get used to it.  And don’t get me wrong – the first month was hell.  Those damn cameras were everywhere.  They followed me to bed (and the producers made it perfectly clear that the mics would be amplified so they would hear the slightest buzz if I snuck a vibrator in there), to the bathroom and even in the shower.  I didn’t have a chance to touch myself without the cameras catching it.

Of course, when my friends found out that it was me on this reality show, I’m sure they were checking in.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that they all had some kind of pool going to bet on how long I would last.  And I’ll bet that not one person bet that I’d last the whole show.  My friend Jill teased me for the last 24 hours before I went on the show.  She said that if I did make it through the whole show she would have a straight jacket waiting for me when I got out because I’d be totally insane! Bitch! I knew she was really just going to be missing my tongue! And boy is she going to get it now! I hope she likes being tied up!

And every guy I’d ever fucked was itching to run into me on the street so he could remind me of every blow job I’d given (what I wouldn’t have done to be sucking on some hard cock in that first month!), every way he’d fucked me, every orgasm I’d had…you get the idea.

So, ya, the first month was torture and the torture never ended really.  But I did get used to it in a way.  Ever heard about how pain could be pleasure?  Well, that’s how it was.  Because I knew that once I was done with this show, I was going to have so much fun fucking anyone I wanted when I got out and it was going to be so awesome.  I held onto that thought like a dog with a bone.

I’m sure that if I really wanted to I could have imagined my way into an orgasm.  Of course, orgasms of any kind weren’t allowed so I always stopped myself.  But if I put my mind to it I bed that I could have had an orgasm just sitting on a bus.

So, this is my last night of deprivation.  When I get up tomorrow morning, I leave this studio apartment with my bags and I head to the studio to pick up my $100,000 check.  The buggers took all of my sex toys, too, so I hope I get to pick them up, as well.  I even bought batteries today in case all the batteries in my toys are dead.  Because you know damn well, that I’ll be using those things as soon as I can find a little privacy.

I hope that the limo driver (yes, they are sending a limo for me – I guess they figure they owe me or something) is a hot stud with a good ten inch dick because I’m going to fuck his brains out in the back seat of the limo for a good hour. That is before I get him to take me over to Jill’s so I can teach her a little bit about deprivation.

Well, needing to get some sleep now. Lord only knows how long it will be before I get to sleep again! Can you fuck and sleep at the same time?

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Getting Release

Dear Diary,

notebook-360082_640I was up at 5 am this morning. I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I was dressed and ready to go hours before the limo buzzed me from downstairs. As cute as this studio apartment was, I was not going to miss it one little bit. Since I’d given up my apartment when I accepted this reality show thing, I’d reserved a room at the Sharmont, a nice hotel downtown. That would have to be home for now.

I entertained myself by thinking of all the fucking I was going to be doing for the next while. For as long as I wanted really. My contract was up today and I could run out onto the street and fuck the first person that passed my doorstep if I wanted to. But I wanted to have that check in my hands first and I wasn’t going to take any chances. I’d worked damn hard not fucking around. But there were some pretty raunchy thoughts running through my head this morning I tell you. I was thinking about sucking off the limo driver, eating the receptionist out (the one that worked the front desk at the studio was a real hottie – a red head with big boobs and a real innocent look. I’d seen her a couple times before when I’d gone in to discuss how the show was going), getting gang banged. You name it, the thought ran through my head.

I hadn’t thought about sex like this in a long time. After about two months, I’d trained my brain to turn off whenever a sexual thought snuck in. If anyone I was with started talking about the pussy lashing their boyfriend had given them last night, I’d suddenly go deaf. If a guy in tight jeans cruised me in the grocery store, I’d become blind. I simply wouldn’t allow myself to think anything sexual. And it did become habit for the most part. But I was still human and very female and some days I just couldn’t turn my brain off.

The limo driver got there and he was better than I had hoped for. He was well over six feet tall with piercing dark eyes and brown hair that just hung over the collar of his uniform jacket. His cheekbones and jaw looked like they were chiseled from stone. And yes, I did check out his feet. They were huge. As were his hands and a nice sized nose. With the combination of the three, I was hoping he was packing a pretty damn big package. And when he looked over my skimpy halter top and short shorts (so what if it wasn’t quite summer yet – I was in heat and I wanted everyone who looked at me to know it!) I was willing to bet that he’d paid good money to be assigned to be my driver today. Hell, anyone who watched the show (and if ratings meant anything there were a lot who did) knew I was a free woman today and I was counting on having lots of offers.

He didn’t speak to me at all on the ride to the studio. But that was ok. I was trying to decide which toy to play with first. By the time I got to the studio I’d decided on my bullet – I wanted fast and to the point.

In the studio, my favorite red head receptionist was there. She smiled when she saw me but looked down quickly.

“I’m here for my check,” I said.

She said she knew and reached into a drawer in front of her. She passed it over the counter. I looked at it briefly before asking for my sex toys as well. When I said “sex toys” she blushed, but reached under the desk and brought out a shoe box. The rest of my toys were stashed with various friends throughout the city. I didn’t want to hand in my whole stash just in case someone decided to steal them or something equally bizarre, but I had to hand in something. I’d selected what I thought the normal red-blooded woman my age might have but apparently I was wrong. When my sweet little receptionist opened the box the first time to take inventory, her eyes widened, she blushed madly, and threw the lid back on the box. Good think I didn’t bring in everything!

I thanked her and practically ran to the bathroom.

Inside a stall, I pulled out my bullet and turned it on. The batteries still worked. With my panties around my ankles I began rubbing the cool metal against my clit. I wasted no time in turning up the vibrations. I went from 0 to coming hard in thirty seconds. It was a damn good thing no one came in at that moment because there was no holding back the moans as my body convulsed in sweet release.

When I left the ladies’ room I said to the receptionist, “Thanks.” I winked and licked my fingers. I swear, she blushed a shade of red that clashed violently with her hair. Damn, what I’d like to do to make her blush like that again. Apparently, it wasn’t that difficult.

Maybe later. I had a limo driver to devour.

But I’ll have to tell you about the rest of this later. My pussy is wet and my clit is throbbing and I think I need to put my favorite dildo to use. I’ll tell you all about the limo driver in a bit…

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