It’s hard to find a site for women that is not simply regurgitate movies from male focused sites and marketed towards women. But For The Girls is different. It is the original and the best site for women. Yes, it is owned and operated by women. Yes, the majority of the content is written by women. And yes, it has lots of hot guys. But it’s not just that that makes it a great site for women. Let me tell you more.

Get a free taste of one of the couples galleries! Click the picture!

Get a free taste of one of the couples galleries! Click the picture!

First of all, when they say there is lots of content, they aren’t just trying to make a sale. There is so much content in the members section that I have hardly been able to make a dent in it. You’ll find 60 hot galleries of male centerfolds with pages of pictures in each gallery. So, there are literally thousands of pictures. Each centerfold dude lets you get to know him with a bio that tells you about his job, his ambitions, and other personal details. But that’s not the end of the pictures – you also get more picture galleries in Hunks, Couples, and Amateurs. So as far as pictures are concerned, you’re going to be busy for awhile!

There are also four categories of videos to choose from: Couples, Masturbation (men), Strip Search, and Male Strippers. There are over a hundred movies between the four categories that can be downloaded in clips or some of them as full movies. They are all available in .wmv format so it is suitable for both slower and high speed connections. I have to admit these movies are pretty damn hot. The Couples movies are sensual and slow and feature lots of foreplay and pussy action but get pretty raunchy towards the end. And the Masturbation videos? Well, there’s just something about watching a hot guy stroke his rod without any thought to anyone else and totally getting off on the pleasure of his own hand an his own fantasies. The stripper movies are fun as well. With this many movies and this many hot guys you’ll be sure to find something you like.

There’s so much more to For the Girls than just hot guys though. Because this is a site designed for women, they know that hot guys are not all we think about. They know we want to be informed and entertained. So you’ll find several other categories to stimulate your mind instead of just your pussy. Features is a section where you can find a range of articles about hot topics like women who live on cam, sex and food, scents and how they affect us, and the BDSM lifestyle. These articles are well written and informative and are sure to expand your horizons. You’ll also find more interesting reading in the Articles section and ongoing Columns. There’s no lack of titillating reading material that will make you think and give you the material to make even the greatest sex lives better.

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Of course, the part I was really interested in was the Fiction and Audio sections and I am very happy to say that I was not disappointed. In the Fiction section you’ll find 9 different categories to help you find the type of story you are most interested in. You’ll find hardcore stories, flash stories, the results of the fiction contests and so much more. And to be honest, there is no way you could ever get through all of these stories with only a one month membership. There are many hundreds of stories and they are well written and have good characterization. Some are longer stories while others can be read in a few minutes. And the audios? Well, let’s just say that there is nothing like sitting back and listening to an erotic story as you play with your favorite toy! Or listen to it with your partner and it will definitely add a unique aspect to your love making. The best part is that you can download the audio stories and save them for later. But if you’re thinking, “Great, I can download them all!” be prepared to spend some time! There are more than 30 of the audio erotic stories in all and they all sound great.

There are several other features to round out this plethora of sexy goodness at For the Girls such as online shopping, chat, a gift guide, movie and toy reviews, and articles about your health. At the price of $29.95 for one month you’d think you were already getting one hell of a bargain but it recurs at only $24.95 each month after that so you really have no excuses for not letting your membership continue. With fresh content being added on a regular basis you may not be able to find it in yourself to cancel!

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