Feel in the mood to learn a little something new about sex and sexuality? Have a specific topic in mind. Well, you’re very likely to address both needs at Jenna’s Sexuality Blog. This is a fantastic little blog that has been around for a couple years and has a wide selection of material on all aspects of sexuality to browse through.

I love the diversity of the articles on Jenna’s Sexuality Blog. There’s so much content it is hard to know where to start first! But that’s a good thing because it gives readers lots of choices. One of her most recent additions to the Sexuality Articles is a little piece about Camel Toes! Now that’s something you don’t read about every day!

” The female genitals are very sensitive. When a woman is sporting a camel-toe, the clothing is in direct contact with the vagina. If she has that article of clothing pulled tight enough, it causes direct pressure to the clitoris. When the woman moves it causes clitoral stimulation. Some women like this public stimulation, and is the reason they sport a camel toe.”

Interesting huh? I never specifically thought of it that way but when I was younger and headed out to the bar wearing a tight pair of jeans and no undies – well, it was no wonder I found every guy in the bar a hot number!

But Jenna’s Sexuality Blog has more. There are some great articles on sexual positions and some hot toy reviews. And you all know that there can never be enough sex toy reviews. It’s so much better to find out what the toy is like before you even get it home, isn’t it?

I’m sure you’ll enjoy Jenna’s Sexuality Blog as much as I do and if you really like her writing you’ll definitely want to take some time to check out Best Sex Stories – also written by Jenna. And don’t forget to enjoy her story, Girls Night Out, published right her on Inky Blue Allusions! It’s a hot one!

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