Anal is not for everyone and I respect that but there are many who love anal sex and even more who are curious about it but not quite sure yet. If you are either a lover of anal sex or have been thinking about it but don’t feel you have enough knowledge about it to break the barrier then you need to check out Pucker Up.

Pucker up is the website of the backdoor guru Tristan Taormino. She is an author, columnist, sex educator, and editor who enjoys educating people about sex issues, including anal sex. With many books and awards under her belt Tristan is someone who you can be confident when looking to her web site for anal sex information, whether you are a straight or gay/lesbian or somewhere in between.

Pucker Up is the best place on the Net to go to when it comes to getting advice on anal sex safety and education. You can find advice on Female Pleasure or Male Pleasure, Lube, Fisting, Safer Sex and many other areas. Anal sex is not all about getting down and dirty you know. More and more couples are enjoying the intimacy of anal sex and they are enjoying it thanks to sites like Pucker Up where they can get educated and learn before they dive in.

Pucker Up has lots more to choose from though. Enjoy the Photo Galleries or participate in the OpenUp Forum. Subscribe to the Double T News or read about the experiences of Adventure Girl. Anyone who is interested in learning more about anal sex, no matter what their level of experience, will enjoy Pucker Up.

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