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So, we’ve talked about The Science Behind The Male Orgasm, and The Science Behing The Female Orgasm, so now let’s talk about what turns you on!  I mean, guys, what really get’s your cock rock hard? And girls, what get’s those pussy juices flowing?  There are millions of people in the world, and probably just as many different ways to get turned on.


Guys are more visually stimulated, which is why there are a lot more striper bars and gentlemen’s clubs around than places where girls can see guys naked. This is also why the porno industry is litterly built  upon the man’s sex drive. Let’s face it, the majority of men think about sex a lot more than women, they like to look at tits and ass – naked, they’ll flip through Hustler and Playboy -which they are not reading for the articles, and I bet they’d even prefer to beat off infront of a mirror if they could.  Specifically, some things that I think turns a guy on are:

  • The deep curve of a soft and voluptous breast
  • Another curve, this time the bottom of her ass peeking through a pair of short jean shorts
  • Watching a porno where a girl is giving a guy a blow job
  • Watching a porno where a girl is riding a guy cowboy style
  • Watching a porno video – any porno video
  • Looking at porno magazines – any porno magazine
  • Seeing two girls make out in real life, right next to him
  • Watching his girlfriend or wife masterbate
  • Girls in bikinis at the beach that untie thier tops to prevent tan lines


Girls, on the other hand, are not very visual when it comes to getting horny. Girls withdraw within themselves, which is why most times your woman will close her eyes during sex, finger fucking, or what ever it is you are doing to her.  Even when a girl masterbates with her favorite toy, she’s in deep concentration. Women tend to imagine things, like daydreaming, to get turned on. Though visual stimulation is great too.. but when push comes to shove, women would rather close their eyes and fanticise. Specifically, some things that I think turns a girl on are:

  • A guy with jeans, no shirt, a ripped body, and a cowboy hat
  • Listening to a man talk dirty to her while they are fucking
  • Making out
  • Having a guy hold her in his arms,  slowly tracing his finger up and down her arm, shoulder, and any other parts of her skin that is showing
  • This toy
  • Having a guy flirt and flatter her
  • Running her fingers down a guys muscular chest, abs, and arms
  • Watching a guy dance, if he’s a good dancer
  • Slow dancing
  • Nice cologn
  • Forplay
  • Rubbing her back
  • Rubbing her feet

Okay, now it’s your turn. Add comments and tell us what turns you on!

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