I remember writing this story, so very well! I got the idea from a guy I was seeing at the time. He was really into the whole being watched thing so as the story develops there’s definitely some voyeurism/exhibitionism going on.

The story is raw and hardcore and it is bound to make you want to do dirty things.

It’s not a romance. 🙂

Check out the teaser from Getting Revenge:

I followed him through the crowded bar. He stopped to whisper in the ear of a man that looked like a professional wrestler – the bouncer. The bouncer winked at me as he discretely slid the bill from my friend’s hand and into his pocket. We walked down the hall into the men’s bathroom, which we found empty. A little harshly, he pulled me into the last stall and ripped at the lacings of my top. With expertise, he had exposed my breasts and now had one in each hand. He squeezed the fullness of my breasts between his large hands and roughly rolled my nipples between his fingers. I groaned out loud hoping that the bill he’d slipped the bartender was large enough that no one would interrupt us. He pulled one nipple into his mouth, sucking hard and grazing his teeth over the hardened tips. He pulled and twisted the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing a fiery sensation to flow through my chest. He switched sides to pull roughly over my burning nipple with his teeth. He was treating my breasts like his personal toys and I loved it.

Just when I though he was going to focus on my chest all night, he roughly pulled my skirt up around my waist. He pushed my thighs apart with his knees. Before I could say please, he had buried two fingers deep inside my pussy.

“You little slut. You came here tonight just to get fucked and I’m gonna fuck you all right. But it’s going to be my way. Now fuck my fingers.”

His voice was demanding but I was more turned on than I had felt in a long time. I rode my pussy over his hand, his thumb roughly gliding over my clit each time. He took my nipple in his mouth again and resumed sucking and pulling with his teeth. I began to groan louder as I felt the beginning of an orgasm. But no sooner had it started than he pulled his hand out of my cunt.