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by Tawny Maine

Part 1

Sam was ready to detonate. She tapped one finger restlessly on her thigh, drumming a chaotic display of her nerves. Her mouth pinched in thought as she contemplated what in the hell was happening to her. Lately her body screamed with tension and she felt like screaming. She sensed a storm brewing in the air and it rattled her already edgy nerves.

“Think, Sammy, think,” she murmured aloud while continuing to pound away on her thigh. Forcing herself to stop the frenzied rhythm, she closed her emerald eyes and took a deep, long breath. Slowly, she let it out and began to tackle the process of unraveling the latest events of her life.

She had always been in control; in actuality she was known for being a micro-managing-pain- in-the-ass. But lately, she had lost interest in all things she deemed important, and that just wasn’t Sam. She had a terrible time bringing herself to focus and her senses had become too heightened, too aware.

She smelled the upcoming assault of a storm and knew that rain would be coming. The skies were blue and clear, but Sam could somehow detect the nearness of the upcoming tempest.

Her sense of smell was not all that was heightened. Yesterday afternoon, while at the office, she, Miss Calm Cool and Collected, actually told a colleague to fuck off! Through her newly heightened awareness, she knew that the co-worker, whom she had once trusted blindly, was not what he had presented to her. She can’t say exactly how she knew. It was more that she felt it, sensed it, and knew it deep in her newly intuitive soul that he was taking advantage of her. She had a clear view of the worm taking her material to the big boss and misrepresenting it as his own for kudos. It wasn’t what she would interpret as a vision. She just saw it clearly in her thoughts. Knowing that her integrity was shot, Sam tried to soothe herself by thinking that she couldn’t have made that big of a spectacle.

Sam jumped out of her chair and begin to pace. Her body felt electrified and she was lost as to what she should do next. Sam was not known to be a ruthless tiger in the office and she made a point of downplaying her features to get a head in the corporation. It was well know that men got further at Jameson Enterprises than women, therefore, she dressed with no frills. Her long raven hair was usually twisted strictly into a tidy bun and she wore glasses, which she didn’t need.

Now her hair tumbled in long waves down her slender back and she blew it impatiently out of her face as she paced her cozy kitchen.

“What in the hell am I going to do now?” she asked herself. Sam had an inner longing and when she grew agitated she usually applied her mind to her job. Even though it was late, she decided to drive to Jameson Enterprises and get some work done. She walked into her room to grab what she called her “nanny gear.” She grabbed some slacks and threw on a plain silk blouse. As she went to twist her hair up something inside of her protested. Instead, she brushed through her long midnight tangles and decided to wear it down. She was not likely to see any of her colleagues at this hour anyway. Even if anyone was there, no one would recognize her without her mousey glasses and severe hair twist. She dabbed on some jasmine oil, new to her evening regiment, grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Tonight she would walk to the office. Her apartment was a few blocks from the job and she needed the fresh air.

Her soul was still stirring and her mind continued the frantic task of trying to piece the unusual events of the last few days together. She noticed the night was much brighter than usual. The street lights provided enough clearance for her path, but tonight a full moon illuminated the street and city buildings. Once she arrived at the office, she used her badge to let herself in.

Upon entering, Sam noticed her boss’s light on. “Shit, shit, shit,” she frantically thought. Maybe she could quietly pass his office unnoticed. She began to walk slowly past his door praying for invisibility.

“Hello Samantha,” Mr. Jameson said.

Sam halted in her tracks, closing her eyes while hoping the floor would simply open up and swallow her whole. Sam’s nostrils flared with as she inhaled an earthy scent mixed with raw male musk that drowned her senses.

“Damn,” she thought. Sam’s eyes widened as she realized the blissful aroma that was assaulting her senses was her boss, Clint. “Shit, why now,” she thought. She had never smelled him before.

“Can you come in here for a moment Sam?” he asked. Sam pivoted and slowly walked into the plushly furnished room.

Clint was leaning back in his chair behind his desk, looking self-assured. It also appeared that he’d been there all day. His tie was off and he had unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt. The man was downright sexy. Making men like him should have been against the law.

Her voice shook a little when she asked, “Yes?”

His eyes narrowed as he assessed her.

“Bloody hell,” Sam thought remembering her last minute decision to dress more freely.

“You look different,” he said, then shook his head and waved his hand as if shrugging the thought off. He unfolded his body from the chair and rose. “Would you like a drink?” he questioned her while walking toward her.

Sam’s heart was racing. She nodded and she couldn’t help but ask, “How did you know it was me?”

He stopped two inches from her face and she felt his breath fan the side of her cheek as he said, “Did you really think that you could hide behind granny buns and glasses from everyone Samantha?” Then he walked past her to the bar.

Sam’s eyes followed him and her eyes planted themselves on his tight, muscular butt. A woman could spend happy weeks of bliss just staring at those buns.

“Quit watching me Sam,” Clint said, and she blushed. Damn it, how did he know? She turned her head away and stared directly in front of her.

He laughed while turning to hand the drink to her. He stopped so close that Sam could smell his breath. It smelled like mint and scotch. She turned to take her glass, keeping her eyes on his shoes. However, he didn’t release the drink, and Sam’s head jerked up. Their eyes locked and Sam moved her hand to grasp the drink more firmly, brushing his fingers with hers. She felt lightning shoot through her.

She was suddenly aware of everything about this man. She smelled his lust, her heightened senses picking up the scent. It was drawing her in like a magnet. She was a moth flying too close to the flame.

“What do you want,” she asked.

“You,” he said and released her drink.

Sam slammed it like it was milk. He laughed again, downing his own then taking her glass. He moved away to set them atop the bar. He turned to her, crossed his legs and leaned his handsome butt on the bar.

“Come here Sam.”

She crossed the room slowly and stood a foot from him. He reached out and roughly jerked her to him. Pressing her body flat into his, she felt his erection.

“Feel that Sam? I want this inside of you. I want to taste you and watch the torture of my pleasure on your prim, beautiful face when I make you cum.”

Then he gripped her hair and yanked her head back, exposing her slender throat to him.

Everything in Sam awakened at once. Her body was on fire, throbbing with need. Slowly he lowered his head, never taking his eyes from her, and softly tasted her mouth. He used his tongue to caress and pry her lips open. Sam’s knees buckled underneath her, and she moaned into him. Her hands were bunched into fists on his shirtfront and he used his other hand to hold them there as he continued his onslaught on her mouth.

Sam began to grind her hips into his erection, while whispering, “Oh God.” She was a current plugged into a powerful generator. Her body was buzzing with an energy of which she was unaware.

“What the hell?” Clint exclaimed and threw her from him.

Sam was shocked and her eyes jerked open. She stood there, lips swollen and red from his attack, and was lost.

“Look, babe, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing here but this isn’t what I had in mind,” he said as he was looking at her hands. Sam, feeling confused and rejected, looked down to see what he was staring at.

Her hands were lit with some type of blue aura. She didn’t know what the hell it was, but it felt good. In fact, her whole body felt good for the first time; charged and awakened with sensations she had never felt before. She looked down at her legs and noticed the aura there too. Quickly she snatched her head up as things started to fall into place for her. Smelling the rain, seeing her co-workers deceit, all the unusual events of the last few days began to fall into place for her. Sam knew that she was different and now Clint knew it, too.

She decided to test some of her power and fixed her gaze upon him. She drew her hand up and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Clint look startled and began to back up. She continued until she had peeled her blouse and bra off displaying full, swollen breasts with tightened, rosy pink nipples. She watched him as he licked his suddenly dry lips and she smelled his arousal. She stroked her breasts, cupping them in her palms, while letting her head fall back. She moaned as she pinched her excited nipples, her body finally releasing the fire that had been stirring in her restless soul. Slowly she raised her head and locked him with her gaze.

She tauntingly began to trail her hand down her flat stomach; caressing as the other continued its incessant toying and tugging of her tender nipple. She raised her skirt, displaying black thigh high stockings with black stilettos. She gave into the need that had been building and began to knead and stroke her inner thigh, trailing her fingers to the wet point of her throbbing desire.

Clint moaned and she relished her power over him. Her aura, now lit with a rainbow of colors, extended until it alone illuminated the dim office. The electrical droning was taking her in waves and it reached out to snake itself around Clint. He felt his body plugging into her energy. Running a slim, graceful finger from her inner thigh to her swollen and wet vaginal lips beneath her silk panties, she began to stroke her clitoris. Bucking and rocking her hips as one hand toyed between her thighs and the other kneaded and tweaked her breast. Needing more release, she reached behind her back as she walked to the coffee table by the lush couch. She unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her curvaceous hips. Deciding the panties were now a barrier between her and the fury of fire that needed stoking, she removed them as well, leaving only her thigh highs, and stilettos.

Climbing on top of the table, she straddled it like a lazy cat, now too involved in her own pleasure to think of improprieties. Clint watched her, his dick throbbing, as she cupped one breast and kneaded it, circling the tight nipple and purring in ecstasy. Sam’s fire was building, ready to burn anyone that came into contact with her. She placed one hand on the table, bent over now on all fours. Raising one hand, she began to fondle her soft, swollen clit. Her lovely ass was rocking back and forth, bucking with her pleasures.

Moaning and thrashing her hips, her whole body an electrical current of lust and desire she gasped, “More. I need more.”

Clint, now more aroused than he had ever been in his life, walked over to her and shoved her roughly onto her back. With his finger he penetrated the velvet folds of her vagina, moving in and out in a slow building rhythm. Sam placed both hands on his hips and began to unzip his pants, pulling them down until his swollen cock stood free and proud. She gripped him and took him into her mouth to taste him.

“God, woman,” he moaned.

She sucked him harder and faster, encircling his head with her tongue as she cupped and kneaded his balls. She desperately needed to taste his cream and she continued her sucking and massaging.

“Is this what you want?” he asked. He spread her legs, exposing her throbbing nub and lowered his head to suck on her. Sam thought that she would scream with the pleasure his mouth brought to her. He put his hands under her ass and shoved her peach further into his mouth. Using his teeth he tugged and sucked on her until she thought she would cum into his mouth.

Just before she found release, Clint rose above her and shoved his penis into her slick, wet sheath, and Sam cried out in pleasure. She felt that electrical current building higher and higher within her; and her aura grew surrounding and drowning them both. He plunged into her so hard that any other woman would cry out in pain, but Sam moaned in pleasure screaming, “More. Harder.”

She met him thrust for thrust, grinding her hips and satisfying her own building desire. Her aura grew and branched off around the room in small pools of electrical light. The luminescent pools danced around the lovers as they pounded and tore at each other. Finally, their release came in crashing climatic waves that took them both over the edge. Clint collapsed on Sam and swore he saw stars.