25 Apr '13

Autumn Seave

Hi all. I'm the owner of Inky Blue Allusions. I've been writing erotica for about 7 or 8 years. That's online. I used to write dirty fantasies for my boyfriends when I was younger. :) I love the fact that I can share my dirty mind with all of you. Remember that fantasy is fantasy though - not real life. Real life should be better all the time!


Witch Stories – part 7

He came to her at night. He was as intangible as a dream and gone by her waking. She waited anxiously for the sun to bury its head behind the earth so darkness would consume the sky. Her body beckoned to him. Her nipples were tight and ached for him. Moisture began to accumulate between her legs and it dampened the silky fabric that covered her mound. A heated fever uncoiled within her and spiraled through her body, leaving heated impressions of urgent need. She squeezed her upper thighs together and felt the tightening of her clit as the movement gently pinched her.

The air hung thick with heat in the room. Her skin was slick with sweat and her blouse clung to her breasts. She rose from her chair and walked over to the French doors, opened them and stepped into the darkening sky. Her body was hungry and eager. She stood there looking out upon the falling darkness and whispered into the wind, “Come to me, love. I need you.”

She brought one hand to her blouse and began to unbutton it with shaky hands. She slipped her hands within the smooth satin and gripped her breast. It was full and needy. She grazed her fingertips across the tightened peak of her nipple and sighed deeply. He could not get there soon enough. She pictured his face above her. She envisioned his hands upon her and turned back toward the room. The heat was stifling and she began to remove the constriction of her clothing. She unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and allowed it to float carelessly to the tile. She walked toward her bed and, in a dream state, lay upon it.

Her body arched like a lazy cat and she reached down to remove the restraints of her slacks. She shimmied out of them and kicked them to the floor where they landed near her blouse. She stretched her body out while the fever climbed within her to molten heights. Languidly, she trailed a hand down over her belly and skimmed the fabric of her panties. She widened her legs and slipped her fingers into the material. A moan escaped her lips and her head dropped toward the side upon contact with her heated pussy. She lifted her hips and soon her panties joined the two garments upon the floor.

She spread her legs again and one finger delved within her heated sheath. She imagined his hands upon her, claiming her body. She pictured his tongue trailing circles around her peaked nipples and began to plunge her finger in the wetness again and again. Urgently she rocked, trying desperately to ease the turbulent storm building within her.

“Come to me now my love.”

She felt tears of frustration and unmet desires beginning to rise and she wanted to scream in her disappointment. She removed her fingers from the incessant driving and began to fondle her clit in desperation. Closing her eyes, she rocked her hips back and forth in a futile attempt to reach the elusive climax building within her.

Just when she was surrendering to the hopelessness, she felt his tongue upon her breast. Her nipple compressed and rose under the pressure and she whimpered in relief. Her love had come again.
All she said was one word, the word that kept him coming night after night.

“Master.” She said it softly upon an exhalation.

“I am here. You have been naughty starting without me.”

“I am sorry Master. I tried to wait, but I couldn’t.” She said this shamefully. He rolled her over onto her stomach and raised her hips with his hands to offer her ass in sacrifice. She was on all fours and knew the punishment to come. She could stop him, but he was the Master and she would submit. Her powers surged through her and her breath quickened as the mortal that was her Master separated her cheeks and stroked her anus. He rubbed her gently and slipped one finger into the tightened sheath. Her hips buckled as he filled her from behind. His finger pushed in and out gently in a tormenting rhythm.

She dropped her shoulders and buried a moan into the bed. He brought his thumb upwards and filled her from the front. One finger was in her ass gently invading her while his thumb was penetrating her wet pussy. He removed his thumb frequently to rub her juices across her clit while his finger continued its wicked invasion.

She could feel the wet heat of her body dripping down her thighs. His assault continued from all angles and her head became dizzy with anticipation.

He leaned over her back and whispered hotly into her ear, “I have brought you something special tonight pet.”

Her body was ablaze with such intense heat that it was all she could do to respond. “Yes Master.”

“I want you to be very good to her.”

Confusion snaked through her thoughts and she raised her head to peer at him. He pressed a kiss against her cheek and rose. When he removed his hands from her body she whimpered with need. He turned toward the French doors and a woman, defined in pure elegance, entered the room.

She was donned only in a red satin robe and her head was raised proudly upon a slender neck. Blond curls rested on her shoulders and she kept her eyes lowered.

“Raise your eyes to us,” the Master ordered her.

Compliantly, she raised her lids and looked upon the Master.

“Remove your robe and come to us.”

The woman untied the sash and allowed the robe to drop upon the tile at her feet. Her body was perfection. Full, heavy breasts hung from her slender curves. A bed of soft, white curls nestled between her creamy pale thighs. She held her head up regally as she walked toward them on long, lean legs that seemed endless.

“Lie down on the bed.”

“Yes Master,” the visitor replied as she stretched herself upon the bed beside the hostess.

“You must ask me before you touch her. You must ask me before you taste her. You must seek my permission before meeting your own desires.”

“Yes Master.”

The visitor sat up and looked on the master as he reached one hand out to take the weight of her breast into his palm. Her head dropped back and she moaned in her excitement of what was to come. His arm dropped by his side and her lips jutted out in a sexy pout.

“May I touch our hostess Master?”

“Where would you like to touch her?”

“I want to stroke her breast.”

“Yes, you may do so.”

The hostess looked shocked and raised widened eyes toward the master. “I have never – that is I…,” but he cut her off.

“You will do as I say. Trust me my pet.”

Licking her lips, she sank back into the heaviness of the blanket beneath her and shyly closed her eyes. Like soft silk, the visitor’s fingers vaguely grazed her nipples.

“You are beautiful. I want to taste her Master. May I?”

The master remained standing above them as he nodded his permission to the blond lamb. Quickly, the host shut her eyes again and her breath quickened when she felt the girl’s velvet tongue circle around her peak. The wet mouth engulfed her nipple into its heated moisture and another moan escaped her lips. The blond was so gentle and her tongue’s caresses were a lover’s whisper upon her breast.

“I want more Master. May I have more?”

The host opened her eyes and saw him nod his head in permission again. He unzipped his pants and lowered them, along with his underwear, down to his knees. His cock sprung to life and both women sighed with fascination. They watched, mesmerized, as he began to run his slim fingers down the length of his wide shaft.

“You may have more now while I watch.”

The visitor slithered her sleek body downward against her skin and she felt her legs being pulled gently apart. Shyly, she looked down on the blond between her legs. She wanted her tongue caressing her. She longed to feel the full lips take in her throbbing clit and bring an end to the pounding need rushing through her veins.

Her hips jolted upward upon the tongues first stroke. She whimpered at the touch and wanted to beg for more.

“She is ready to come Master. May I bring her to release?”

Again, he only nodded as he continued to watch and stroke himself.

She felt the visitor’s hands separate her swollen lips again and then the delicious torment of her mouth continued. She lapped at her inflamed clit, stroking it skillfully as the woman’s hips began to undulate against her mouth.

“Suck me,” the hostess cried out pleadingly. She was desperate for her release. It had been building within her all night and she was ready to erupt. The blond curls dove lower and the visitor’s tongue delved into the heated sheath mercilessly. When the hostess thought she could stand no more, the visitor took the clit between her teeth and began to suck gently.

She screamed and began to buck her hips against the waves that were crashing against her hot pussy. She opened her eyes and begged the master for release. He chuckled softly and moved behind the visitor. He raised her hips and stroked the mound of blond curls between her legs. She didn’t cease her stroking and only raised her hips higher in a succulent offering. The hostess watched as he separated her cheeks and pushed himself into the heated tightness of the blond. She was ensnared within the erotic vision. Her clit was continuously being stroked, caressed and sucked as she watched the master pound himself into the girl who created the assault between her parted thighs.

“Master, does she feel better than me?” The hostess asked. He never stopped pounding himself into the visitor but answered, “She is nothing compared to you. You are my perfection, my muse.” His misty eyes locked with hers and she could see the love he held there.

With a moan she once again submitted to the girl between her legs. She was expertly creating a wet heat that drove the hostess to levels of ecstasy she had never experienced. She could hear the Master chuckle as he watched the two women. He had known his pet would enjoy the gift he brought for her and he felt the pressure building as he watched them caress each other fondly.

“Get on your back.” He demanded. Both women looked at him with confusion. He pulled out of the visitor and pushed her hips downward. “Lay down next to our hostess, on your back.” With a smile she obeyed. The hostess felt fevered and was desperate for release. She reached out for her Master with need while mewling softly in the back of her throat.

“No,” He told her simply. She whimpered but didn’t argue. He pushed the two women as close together as possible. “Spread your legs.” Upon his command they parted their thighs and he had two gaping cunts beckoning for his affections.

Slowly, he pushed himself into the hostess and she screamed with exhilaration. Two thrusts and he pulled out. Two more and he pulled out again and hovered above her. Turning, he plunged into the visitor’s downy curls and she arched upward to receive him. The contrasting pussies drove him to a heightened bliss he was sure only the Gods could know.

“You both want me, don’t you?” The women reached towards him and he thrived when he felt their hands simultaneously stroking his body. His rippling muscles sent both women into delirium. He used his hand to stroke himself as the women touched the parts they could reach.

He took one of the hostess’s hands and placed it on his throbbing shaft. He took one of the hands of the visitor and placed it on his soft sac. Joyfully they stroked, kneaded and pulled on his rigid shaft and balls. He watched their hands fondle him. He watched them cup and pull on him. It was so rousing to see the two entwined and touching him. After moments of their sweet torture he could stand no more. He placed a hand upon each woman. They opened their legs to him, both pussies hot and ready for his taking. Their entangled arms created a web of flesh, sweat and heat.

He plunged his fingers into their moist folds and pounded into their mounds again and again. The two women turned their heads toward each other and their tongues mated in a frenzied dance of lust and desire as their hips rose with the master’s thrusts.

The visitor pulled back and peered at him with heavy lids.

“Please Master. I want to watch you fuck her.”

He withdrew his hands from between their legs and used them to roll his hostess over upon her stomach.

He guided her between the thighs of the visitor and pulled her head down between her legs.

“I want your mouth on her while I fuck you.”

The hostess had never done such an act before, but didn’t want to be disobedient. She spread the legs of the beautiful woman before her and lowered her head. The first thing she noticed was her smell. It was sweet, but musky. Tentatively she spread her puffy lips and lowered her head completely into the fragrant mystery between her thighs. The visitor arched her hips high and shoved her pussy into her mouth.

She retracted and touched her clit with her tongue, gliding it softly across the swollen nub. Upon her tongues first stroke the visitor’s hands delved into her hair and she began to rock her hips against her mouth. Power surged through her at the woman’s response. She felt the Master spread her ass apart and then his cock was buried deep within her own tender folds.

She had never felt so aroused. With more confidence she sucked and manipulated the visitor as the master pounded into her time and time again. He reached around her and she felt him fondling her clit.
The Master was enraptured with the groans and whimpers of the women. He was slapping against the hostess’s ass and he could hear their pleading cries for more. He watched as the hostess sucked and stroked the beautiful visitor. He watched the blond hair dampen in her heightened sexual pleasure. Sweat glistened and beaded down their bodies as they fucked and teased each other ruthlessly.

The visitor’s mouth opened before him and she was exclaiming over and over, “Uh, uh, yes.” Meanwhile the hostess was rocking herself onto his pulsating dick again and again. His low growl filled the room at the same time the women cried out their release. The hostess convulsed around him as he squirted his seed deep within her heat.

Both girls were jerking and panting as their bodies surrendered to the bliss that had driven them beyond reason. The hostess was lapping loudly on the visitor’s clit and the sound of sex caused him to release any juices remaining inside him.

The trio fell into a pile of flesh on the bed, their legs, arms and drippings parts indistinguishable from each other. The hostess drifted in and out of consciousness while her companions looped their arms around her and snuggled close. Their hands caressed her to sleep and she didn’t feel them leave. Her body was sated and deeply satisfied and she smiled softly as she drifted into her dreams.

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About Autumn Seave

Hi all. I'm the owner of Inky Blue Allusions. I've been writing erotica for about 7 or 8 years. That's online. I used to write dirty fantasies for my boyfriends when I was younger. :) I love the fact that I can share my dirty mind with all of you. Remember that fantasy is fantasy though - not real life. Real life should be better all the time!

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  2. New and hot: Witch Stories – part 7: He came to her at night. He was as intangible as a dream and gone by her waki… http://bit.ly/b2x7Bq