Worth His While is one of my favorite short stories that I’ve written.  It’s a story for couples and lovers.  It’s about a couple that hasn’t had much alone time together lately.  She loves camping. He doesn’t.  But she promises him that if he’ll take her camping, she’ll make it worth his while.  And she sure does!

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Here’s a taste:

He stopped kissing me to raise my shirt so that my breasts were fully exposed in the moonlight. My nipples that had been teased so mercilessly, stood out hard, aching under his appreciative gaze. When he lowered his head to lazily flick his tongue over one hard bud, I pushed my breast out, wanting to feel the warmth of his mouth fully upon me. He quickly moved away. His tongue flicked quickly over the other nipple and pulled away again.

With my nipples jutting out into the cool night air, his eyes met mine and he said, “So baby, you’ve promised to make this night worth my while. Does that mean you promise to submit to my every request.”

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