Inky Blue Allusions is a free site so we don’t pay for stories.  We have two options for writers that wish to participate in the site though:

#1 One-Time or Irregular Submissions

If you have story or article you’d like to submit you can email it to us using the Contact form. You can include links back to your site or you can include up to 2 affiliate links either via pictures or in-text links that you can earn money from (ex: Amazon).

Articles should be 400 words or longer and will be attributed to you. They will stay on the site until you tell us you’d like to have it removed.

#2 Regular Submissions

You should be able to contribute at least twice a month and be prepared to publish well-written content on your own using the WordPress platform. If you choose to contribute regularly you will have your own blog and you can put your own ads at the bottom of your post.  You can use Amazon affiliate program or an adult affiliate program. You can see some of the affiliate programs that are used on this site by looking at the current sidebar.  If you click on those ads and then go to the bottom of the page you will find a Webmasters link.  Or ask me for one and I can give you a link to sign up to a specific program.

Can I Use Other Links?

You can also use the Amazon affiliate program to link to erotic ebooks (even if they are your own) and sex toys.  You can include two links within the body of your posts so you can make those Amazon affiliate links OR you can make them links to your own sites or ebooks that are available elsewhere. You can also provide links back to your own site if you have one. Links in the body of the post should be contextual.  That means that instead of saying, “Click here to see…” and putting a link in there you could say, “She loved reading erotic books about lesbians,” and link the text that says “erotic books about lesbians” to an erotic lesbian book on Amazon.

You can also add one link in your author bio to anywhere you like including Amazon books or your own website.

What Can I Write About?

You can write reviews (books, movies, toys, sites), true confessions (as long as they sound real, I’m good with that), or general blog type of entries (if you’d like to do that please send me an email via the contact form – under the About tab – and let me know and I will create a blog category just for you). Of course, you can also write erotic stories.  They must be originally written by you and not published anywhere else online  (excerpts from ebooks are fine though).

All submissions should be at least 400 words in length.

Current erotic story themes include:

  • For Couples (romance focused but still good sex!)
  • Masturbation
  • First Encounters (can be encounters between strangers or between a couple and focusing on their first time)
  • Girls Loving Girls
  • Short and Sweet (less than 1000 words)
  • Serial stories (ongoing stories of 500 words or more for each segment)

We will not publish any material that includes bestiality, extreme violence, incest, or sex with minors.

Publishing Rights

All rights remain with the author. Your story will remain on the site unless you request that it be removed. After it has been removed, you can publish your story anywhere else you like such as on blogs, on other story sites, etc.

New writers are encouraged to submit. If you have a fresh and unique story we will happily work with you until the story is up to our expectations.

How To Get Started

Send me an email to inkyblueallusions @ and let me know that you’re interested in having your own space on Inky Blue Allusions.  Please include a writing sample of at least 250 words.  I need to see that you are able to write coherently.

Or, if you are submitting something that is on a one time basis, you can send the entire article/story.

Please include:

  1. Your real name (this won’t be used anywhere else – I simply need to have it for legal reasons).
  2. A statement that says that you are 18 years of age or older and that you have read the guidelines below (especially #4) and will abide by them.
  3. The user name you would like (this should be your pen name). You should include this even if you’re only submitting one time as it will be used on your article
  4. The email you’d like to register with.

Once that info has been received I will set up an account for you and your password will be emailed to you (if you are planning to submit articles regularly; one time submitters will not have a password).  Then you can proceed with setting up your Juicy Ads account if you are going to submit regularly.


Yes – We do have Guidelines! Please read them carefully before you submit!

  1. Layout is important! Each story should be single spaced with an empty line in between each paragraph.
  2. Use your spell check. But don’t stop there. You need to read your story over as well to look for commonly misspelled words that are still in the dictionary (like their/they’re/there).
  3. Grammar and punctuation. This site is supposed to be of a higher quality of writing than other sites. Part of that is grammar. As a reader of erotica, nothing drives me crazier than blatantly bad grammar. For example, comma splices glare at me. If I come upon more than one of those in a story, I’m distracted beyond the ability to truly enjoy this. I believe this is mostly a women’s thing and since this site is marketed as a site for women and couples, this is very important. If your grammar needs brushing up or you’re not sure about grammatical points check out the Erotica Readers and Writers Association Links. In fact, read as much of this site as you possibly can. This is the BEST resource for erotic writers to be found on the web.
  4. Absolutely NO bestiality, incest (psuedo incest, i.e. step-sibs, step-parents, adoptive sibs/parents is fine), sex with minors, or rape positive (psuedo rape is fine as long as it is clear that it is a fantasy situation and NOT real) content allowed.

Thank you everyone. I know that you all understand the importance of quality. There are tons of sites out there where people can read simple, jerk off material. We want to stand out as one of the sites where you can truly enjoy the story, not only for its sexual appeal but also for the high standards!