As a freelance writer, I have to write about a wide range of topics and subjects, and be able to write in any style that the client requests. I have to say that I do that pretty well!  There are some times that I am completely fascinated by the articles I write and other times I can’t stop laughing. Recently, I’ve had to write a bunch of articles on how a guy can exercise his cock to make it longer and thicker.

I started researching on how guys can stretch their dicks out, pulling and tugging in all different directions. The dick exercise experts claim that after doing these exercises 5 days a week, for 6 months, every cock will gain as much as 2 ½  inches in length and as much as  1 ½ inches in girth.  At first, it sounded just like an excuse to masturbate, and really, who needs an excuse other than to feel good?  But the more I learned, the more interested I became. 

As a girl, I don’t have much knowledge about dicks, other than how to make them feel good, and how to make myself feel good by putting one in me. I don’t know what it FEELS like to have a cock. But reading about a dude squeezing the base of his cock as tight as he can with one hand, and then wrapping the fingers of his other hand around the top of his dick, right below the head, and pulling as hard as possible for at least 30 seconds before releasing, seems like a very painful task.  I mean, is it really worth it when there really is no guarantee that it will make a cock significantly bigger? To be honest, what’s an inch or two? Trust me, girls won’t notice a difference! And this isn’t done once or twice; this exercise needs to be done about 10 times, in all different directions. Well, you don’t want a lopsided cock, do you?


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And then there is this “jelqing” exercise, which is also called “milking”. It’s basically like milking a cow, or that’s what it reminds me of anyway, and I’m sure with a name like that, other people are thinking the same thing that I am.  To do this exercise, the guy must get his dick about 70% hard. He then holds the base of his cock as tight as possible to keep all the blood in the shaft. While holding tightly, slowly slide your hand up your cock, pushing all the blood to the head. As your hand gets close to the head, put your other hand at the base and slowly start moving it up. This is a continuous motion to push as much blood up into the head as possible. All that extra blood stretches out the vessels and ligaments to make them bigger.

I guess what I’m really wondering is if these exercises really do work, and if they hurt or feel good? I’d love to have some comments from guys that have done these types of exercises and what they think about them.  Did your dick really does get bigger? I’d also like to hear from girls that know of guys that have done these exercises, and how it worked out for them.

I really find it fascinating that a guy can pull and stretch and yank his dick every day and that it will get bigger. Though I think if I was a guy, I’d be pulling, stretching, and playing with my cock all the time anyway!  Would mine be a huge porno star dick, if I had one that is?

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