As I was looking around at different news stories, I was reading about the upcoming presidential election in 2012. The story I was reading about was how the younger generation is a lot more open to not only the usual abortion and same sex marriage political issues, but about sex in general. There seems to be a huge generation gap on the views surrounding sex.

But really, this isn’t something new. The newer generations always seem to be a little more open about sex than their predecessors. Young people always want sex, portray themselves as more sexual beings, and are more willing to talk about sex. Old people don’t have it anymore, so they don’t want to talk about it anymore. Maybe they don’t want anyone else to have it since they can’t! (Yes, there are exceptions and there are some horny 80-year-olds that still like to fuck and would have sex on the side of the road.)

A man and a woman having oral sex outside

Tomáš Petrů from Martin, Slovakia

According to James Wagoner’s article “The Sexual Health “Generation Gap” and the 2012 Elections“ in the Huffington Post, “Millennial youth are major supporters of a broad array of sexual health and rights issues. They not only support same sex marriage and access to abortion, but they also support comprehensive sex education (82%), access to contraception for women who can’t afford it (82%), the morality of same sex relationships (57%), and the morality of sex between an unmarried man and woman (70%).”

So, this got my mind thinking… is this proof that sex is becoming just a little more acceptable in main stream society?  My mind flipped right to the scene in a movie my husband was watching the other night about a couple having sex on the side of the road. Of course I can’t think of the name of it, but it stars the incredibly sexy Jason Statham. It was about a guy that had to keep his adrenaline going so his heart wouldn’t stop. In this one scene, he decided to get his adrenaline level up by fucking his wife right in the middle of the street, in the center of a circle of pedestrians that decided to stop and watch the free show.

At first, the girl tried to push him off, but she couldn’t resist. He mounted her and stuck his cock in, and started fucker her right there in the road. I got a little hot watching this scene of this hot couple having sex on the side of the road. Then she rolled him over and road him like a stallion. That got me a little hotter. But when she ended up bent over a newspaper dispenser-or was it a mailbox-and fucked from behind, I got wet.

I have to remind myself that this was just a movie. However, I wonder if this is the road that American’s are going down? Maybe in future generations it will not be such a strange thing to see people having sex on the side of the road, in a restaurant, or even at the family BBQ.

Hmmm… I’d really like to live in a world like this!

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